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Chapter Yearbook Distribution


All chapters should send one electronic copy of the chapter yearbook to their board contact officer by October 1.

Jane Koch
F, I, L, Q, T, Z, AF, AP, BA, BD, BO, BR, CE, CL, CX, CY, DG, DN, DQ, DS, DV, ED, EE, EL, EO, EQ, FC, FD, FN 

Julie Brooks
D, G, J, N, X, AA, AE, AK, AN, AT, AZ, BC, BG, BK, BQ, CA, CK, DP, EA, EJ, EK, EM, ET, EX, EZ, FE, FF, FJ 

Kristen Gebhardt
C, O, U, AH, AS, AV, BB, BN, BP, CI,CN, CV, CW, DA, DL, DM, DU, DY, EB, EG, EI, ER, FA, FG, FL, FM, FO 

Katie Osborne
A, E, S, V, Y, AB, AJ, AM-BV, AO, AW, AY, BE, BF, CQ, CR, DB, DC, DD, DH, DK, DO, DT, EH, ES, EW, EY, FH 

Deb Schirm
K, M, P, AC, AG, AI, AL, AR, AU, BW, BX, CB, CD, CH, CP, CU, DE, DF, DR, DW, DX, DZ, EF, EU, FB, FI, FK