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Board Contact for Local Chapters

Each Executive Board Officer mentors a group of chapters during her entire board tenure.  It’s a fun, useful, and comfortable two-way relationship that fosters communication between chapters and the state officers.



Board Contacts for Local Chapters

Jane Koch

(330) 338-3731 (C)




F, I, L, Q, T, Z, AF, AP, BA, BD, BO, BR, CE, CL, CX, CY, DG, DN, DQ, DS, DV, ED, EE, EL, EO, EQ, FC, FD, FN 



Board Contacts for Local Chapters

Julie Brooks

(419) 357-1035 (C)




D, G, J, N, X, AA, AE, AK, AN, AT, AZ, BC, BG, BK, BQ, CA, CK, DP, EA, EJ, EK, EM, ET, EX, EZ, FE, FF, FJ 




Board Contacts for Local Chapters

Kristen Gebhardt

(216) 650-0112 (C)






C, O, U, AH, AS, AV, BB, BN, BP, CI,CN, CV, CW, DA, DL, DM, DU, DY, EB, EG, EI, ER, FA, FG, FL, FM, FO 





Board Contacts for Local Chapters

Katie Osborne

(330) 603-1949 (C)




A, E, S, V, Y, AB, AJ, AM-BV, AO, AW, AY, BE, BF, CQ, CR, DB, DC, DD, DH, DK, DO, DT, EH, ES, EW, EY, FH 




Deb Schirm

(440) 667-2259 (C)





K, M, P, AC, AG, AI, AL, AR, AU, BW, BX, CB, CD, CH, CP, CU, DE, DF, DR, DW, DX, DZ, EF, EU, FB, FI, FK